AI-Powered Gameshow Revolution

Imagine a world where over 4 billion users have a chance to play thrilling game shows like 'Jeopardy!' and 'Family Feud' on their favorite social networks every single day. At QuizNet, we are making this vision a reality by developing a groundbreaking generative AI-powered game show platform that brings innovative ‘beyond trivia’ formats to YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch without the need for users to download a new app.

Problem: The $25 billion TV game show industry has struggled to successfully transition to mobile market. Past attempts such as HQ Trivia and Quizzup, faltered as standalone trivia apps proved unsustainable. 

Solution: QuizNet is taking a revolutionary approach to bridge the gap between gameshows and social networks. Our AI-powered platform  empowers content creators to produce captivating game shows on any social networks in minutes while their followers can enjoy and participate in innovative game shows seamlessly integrated into their social media experience.

Team: Founded by serial entrepreneur Srini Dharmaji (Vyu Labs and GoldSpot), QuizNet has built a solid advisory board of entertainment industry veterans such as Dave Schwartz (Ex Disney and Epix), Jared Goetz (Ex President of LionsGate, SVP of Disney) and Grant Stern (seasoned producer and social media expert). Our team also comprises of software engineers with expertise in AI, streaming and web development.